New to this and not sure what to expect?

Chances are, this is your first time hiring a photographer and you're not entirely sure what the heck you're signing up for. That's okay, you're not alone. Let me help you set a few things straight.

First things first: you deserve a photographer who is over the moon to work with you, period. And you deserve to know what working with me is like - what you can expect from this whole experience. I want us both to feel over the top, stupidly excited about working together. Because trust me, that's when the magic happens. Sound good?

Your love is so much more
than a posed smile

A stiff pose and a forced smile in front of a sunset isn’t going to cut it for me, nor should it for you. Your eternal vowing to each other goes beyond 1,2,3 cheese, formalities, Pinterest boards and perfect bow ties.

Don’t worry – I’ll get all those details & formalities. But it’s about way more than that for me.

I want to capture the real you. You and your human together, madly and deeply in love – the story and connection that’s far more real than fake posed versions of yourselves.

The real, vulnerable and unscripted.

The moments that sometimes pass us by so quickly we hardly have time to take them in, let alone remember them after a full day of whirlwind emotions and events. The glances, tears & hand squeezes. The farts, belly laughter & dirty jokes. The quiet, the loud, the big and small moments. It sometimes looks like windswept hair, dirt on your dress and raindrops on your skin. It most certainly looks like letting your guard down and simply being yourself.

If you’re considering hiring me, you gotta be okay with letting me capture this real, unplanned and perfectly imperfect mess. It’s the most beautiful thing you have.

But ya gotta trust me...

I take a documentary approach to wedding photography.

My style might not fit everyone and that’s okay, but the fact that you’re reading this probably means you’ve looked at my work and felt a connection to it. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me – because it means you’re enthusiastic and stoked at the idea of creating something together.

That’s it, we create together. I pour my heart into what I do and I believe the best work is created where there’s mutual vision and equal passion from both my couples and myself. Together we capture beautiful, emotional and powerful imagery.

All I ask is that you be you and trust me to go with my gut.

Get to know me better

Sarah + Rod

So many words I could use but few feel sufficient. Simply put, these photos are a dream come true.

The day was a blur and it makes it that much more magical being able to relive every moment when I gaze at another photo.

I cannot thank you enough! These photos are the greatest gift for our years to come.

Lauren + Mark

WOW! Trying to contain my excitement! Absolutely love the photos! Hard to pick what will be the feature in our home now :)

So many wonderful comments from family and friends of how you captured every aspect and emotion of our day.  The one of mum hugging me in the bedroom is a real keeper, that look on her face means a lot to me. And of course the one of dad giving me away! agh so amazing.

We showed my parents the slide show a couple of days ago and it had mum tearing up ;) I'd say you nailed it!

Rachel + Greg

The photos are amazing!! We love them so much!!!
We've watched them a few times now and each time we get teary again. Everyone I show them gets teary too!

The combo of tiny people in big gorgeous landscapes and some amazing close-ups of us with real emotion is divine.

We adore them.

Jessie + Keith


As I write this, Jessie is squeezing with happiness as she looks through the photos on repeat. These are absolutely unbelievable!!!

Renee + Ben

From the first meeting, Vlad took time to understand my husband and I's relationship and the style of wedding we were having.

Best of all he knew how to direct us and make us feel comfortable, have fun and at times forget there was a camera on us, which resulted in the most magical images that will last forever.

He captured the love, laughter, silly moments and atmosphere of our wedding day perfectly!


Do things your way

Weddings are about you and your human + the people you hold closest to you. That's it.

There's lots of traditions, trends, clichés and expectations that come with the big production we call a wedding day. I've seen couples ruined by the pressure of these expectations.

I'm here to remind you that at the core of your wedding are you two + your people, celebrating love together. That means if you don't like cake, have s'mores and donuts. Not a dancer? Have a first rap battle instead. Not a fan of formal venues and 10pm noise curfews? Get married or eloped on your favourite hiking trail. Or turn a day into a full weekend with your closest friends in your all time vacay spot.

Skip out on all the pressures of what a wedding must look like and make it your own. I'm with you all the way and happy to provide both help and custom photo coverage for anything that looks different than "the usual".